QAdvice is a consultancy company specialized in software and hardware testing with a strong focus on test automation. We help our customers to increase the quality of their IT systems and shorten their time-to-market.


How can we help you?


Looking to improve your team? We like to share our knowledge. Contact us if you need any management, functional or technical QA training.


After an in-depth Quality Scan we will give you our advice to improve and accelerate your software development projects.


Our passionate QA consultants will help you accelerating your development cycle and improving the quality of your IT systems.

Our specializations

  • Test Automation
  • Manual Testing
  • Hardware Testing
  • Test Management
  • Performance Testing

Our test automation engineers have experience with various frameworks and technologies. They can help you set up a test automation strategy, select the most suitable frameworks and technologies, as well as implement and maintain automated tests.

Some examples of test automation projects that we have successfully delivered in the past:

  • Implementing methodologies such as Behavior Driven Development (BDD) using tools such as Cucumber, JBehave and SpecFlow.
  • GUI testing using frameworks such as Cypress, Selenium, Selenide, Protractor and Coded UI.
  • Mobile testing using Appium
  • API and data testing using ReadyAPI, Postman, Rest Assured and Spring libraries.

We have a very broad and extensive experience in performing manual tests and are happy to help you with this. This can range from testing web applications, mobile applications to performing database tests.

We have experience with functional and non-functional testing, usability testing as well as exploration testing.

We can help you with your hardware testing. Our hardware test engineers have experience with different systems and can help you draft, implement and maintain your hardware testing suits.

We can help you draw up a test strategy, select the most suitable test tools and determine quality gates and metrics. We are also experienced in setting up test teams and managing and coaching test resources.

In all this, we keep a close eye on the budget and the risks for your organization.

We have extensive experience in performing performance tests and can help you perform the following tests, among other things:

  • Load Testing: Here we test whether the system can handle the expected maximum load.
  • Stress Testing: We check how the system performs under extreme load. This helps us determine whether the system will perform satisfactorily under a load well above the expected maximum.
  • Endurance Testing: Here we check whether the system or system can withstand the expected load over a long period of time. We check whether there are capacity problems (eg memory leaks) that may cause performance problems or malfunctions.
  • Spike Testing: We look at how the system copes with sudden high peak loads that are followed by a steady state with a normal load.
  • Scalibility Testing: We check whether the system is scalable when the load increases. We hereby determine the threshold values ​​that must be set and monitored in the production environment.